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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Friendship & Jealousy

Have you ever felt angry when a friend is closer to another? Especially when it is a friend u consider close to u? Perhaps not really anger but rather it's jealousy, or a suppressed kind of feeling and frustration, when you think over and over again the reasons you think may be the cause for the feeling that you are feeling?

Anyway, not trying to play with words here. Just that i have some close friends from Uni. We are a group of 6, or 5 actually as 1 gal is always MIA. It's quite amazing how we got together as a group -- over KFC's cheesy fries.

The first trip we went on was to Redang, Malaysia. It was truly enjoyable. The journey, the place, the late nights and video-ing. The entire holiday was just memorable.

Perhaps like lovers, friends do drift apart. Not in the sense that you do not meet regularly like before, or that you do not seem to enjoy the same things anymore, but the thought that goes into the friendship. Like it goes in Chinese, 朋友是用心来交的. So even if you do not meet at all, you'd still care and know what your friend is going through, especially the most important points in his/ her life.

I dunno why i'm being so long winded here...just feel like saying some things here to vent my frustrations. The whole incident is like this. On Friday morning as I left for Ipoh, my brother and bro-in-law had forgotten to notify Mindef. As they didn't have the number to call, i sms friend A to ask him to help call Mindef. Friend A replied saying that he was overseas and it was not convenient. "It's okay" I said, "I will ask Friend B". Messaging Friend B the same sms, he replied that he was in Taiwan with Friend A and 2 other friends. When i got the sms, i immediately had 2 questions in my mind. One, why didn't Friend A tell me that when i told him i will be asking Friend B to help. Two, why are they in Taiwan when Friend B told us that he was tight and hence to accomodate him, we went to Bangkok in Nov(as it was nearer and cheaper).

I felt stupid. Like being taken for a ride. I questioned Friend B why was he in Taiwan when he said he was tight and he said it was becoz the announcement of the bonus, and they planned the trip at the last minute. Which i can't accept the reason. Taiwan is the place we said we'd go this June. To accomodate his work, we planned the trip in June despite being the peak period. It is not that i want to know everything and that my friends cannot go on trips without my permission. But if u are Friend A and B and someone asks u to go on a holiday to a place u have already planned to go with other friends, shouldn't you at least inform your friends or choose another destination? Shouldn't this be the first thing that comes to your mind? I know i would. Am i too demanding, expecting too much from my friends? But i would expect the same of myself to my friends too. Despite sparing so much thought for my friends, i just felt disappointed. And this is further aggravated when i happened to read about Friend B's blog entries just while ago. I simply felt overwhelmed by the disappointment i feel right now. Feel simply foolish for thinking that people will reciprocate the efforts i put into maintaining and growing friendship.

I know it seems such a minor issue, but it is the meaning behind the issue that's the important thing. Perhaps it's only one incident and i shouldn't be making a mountain out of a molehill. Perhaps a few days later, or even tomorrow, i wouldn't see this as a big deal. Perhaps it is really pointless to dwell on this minor issue and make myself unhappy over this coz i know i have other friends that understand how i feel and how to treat each other. Whatever the case, i just hope i do not need to face similar issues like this again.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Some pictures...

Been quite a while since i have are some pictures i took with my camera phone on my trip to Bangkok last month...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Step Up

Love this movie!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Life in a blur

This past month has been crazy...

Time passes so fast that i can't even catch up.

Work is never ending, with more & more responsibilities...Driving lessons are taking up a big chunk of my life right now...Sometimes i really dunno what i have been doing.

And what's worse is the money. Here's what my monthly salary and savings has gone into:

1) My handphone died on me, so i bought a new one and it costs me $500 (thought i might as well get a good one so that the trade-in value will not depreciate so fast).
2) I started going into circuit for driving and it costs $55 per lesson now. AND i'm having 4 lessons per week (the record is 5x in 1 week), which is $55 x 4 = $220 for 1 week.
3) My monthly repayment for education loan is $500.
4) Holiday to Bangkok = $290 (Airfare & Hotel) + $500 (Projected Expenses) = $790
5) Wedding Invitations!!! Why is so many people getting married??? And all at once! Attended one last friday at Raffles Hotel so $100 gone. Next is at InterContinental, another $80-100 gone. Then there is one on X'mas Eve, which i possibly could/ would not attend.

I am really damn broke.

I guess i really need is a good break...from all the work/ driving/ money troubles in Singapore. And it's coming in less than 2 weeks time! I'm going Bangkok, the land of smiles! Though it's only a 4D3N trip, i'm sure looking forward to the food, shopping, and massages!

Wish me luck and a good life ahead friends...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Crazy over Princess Hours

I have just finished watching Princess Hours <宫:野蛮王妃> and i am crazily in love with it! Not only the drama, the songs, but also the lead actor, Joo Ji Hoon! Ok, i know i already have Kwon Sang Woo, Rain and Hyun Bin...but Joo Ji Hoon is real cute too! Anyway, i shall tell you more about the story first.

The setting is in modern South Korea, with an imagined existence of monarchy. Crown Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) is lovingly adored by all the gals in South Korea, especially in the college where he studies. With the Emperor's health deterioriating, the imperial palace decides to arrange an early marriage for the seemingly arrogant and insensitive Crown Prince Lee Shin. And the Crown Princess in question is Shin Chae-Gyung (Yoon Eun Hye), an average high school gal that happens to be Lee Shin's school mate. The story unfolds to tell how the 2 young persons belonging to different worlds eventually falls in love with each other...

Every love story must have some twists and turns to make it 刻骨铭心 and for the audience to feel for the characters. In Princess Hours, Crown Prince Lee Shin had an aspiring ballerina girlfriend, Min Hyo Rin (Sung Ji Hyo). She is the school belle, elegant and poised, the almost complete opposite of Chae-Gyung, who's a muddle-head. It was after a failed proposal to Hyo Rin that Lee Shin agreed to marry Chae-Gyung. However, seeing Lee Shin marry Chae-Gyung and she becoming the centre of everyone's attention, Hyo Rin regrets her decision and tries to find ways and means to make Lee Shin return to her.

On the other hand, Lee Yul, Lee Shin's cousin, returns from England after 14 years. He was supposed to be the Crown Prince, but was forced to leave the country with his mother when his father, the successor to the throne, died. Lee Shin's father, being the second son, thus became the Emperor. Initially not interested in being the Crown Prince, he decides to compete with Lee Shin when he discovers that he has slowly fallen in love with Chae-Gyung.

All in all, the storyline is not anything out of the ordinary, but the imagined existence of a royal family in modern Korea renders a refreshing perspective. The songs in particular, really melts my heart! Perhaps Love, the theme song, is just so sweet and romantic! I am listening to it everyday and even before i sleep, that is the power of the song! Am even memorising the lyrics, hee... =P

Anyway, this drama has made me fall in love with Joo Ji Hoon. Maybe i should say Lee Shin, as i really like his character in the story. Initially seemingly aloof and arrogant, he is actually a lonely character misunderstood by all. Until he meets Chae-Gyung, he starts to open up and you realise he's actually a very sweet and thoughtful guy.

Okie i shall stop here and shower you all with some nice nice pictures...enjoy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Princess Hours Perhaps Love MV

A super nice K-drama that i'm watching now! I love this song! =) Will blog more later on...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Forbidden City: Portrait of An Empress

Just came home from watching Kit Chan's Forbidden City. It's a great musical! To someone like me who's not really a theatre person, i'd think it's a great production with great vocals and acting.

The story is quite simple. An American lady, Kate, gets invited to do a painting of Ci Xi. As she starts to paint, she gets to know better what Ci Xi went through - from a commoner to being chosen as a concubine, bearing the emperor's child and losing him to syphillis, fighting the internal struggles with the scheming Tun, the emperor's brother, etc etc. While in the process of painting Ci Xi, Kate has been corresponding with a guy (forgot his name) by letters, of her talks with and insights into Ci Xi's life...and this guy, is one who desparately wants to write a book that would sell...oh, and btw, he is a you probably can guess what happened next =P

Anyway, I should have caught it the first time when it was here. Zuyao bought tickets but i had to rush back to Malaysia to attend my grandpa's wake, hence i missed it. So happy that it's back again! Anyway Zuyao bought the CD so we can listen to the nice songs again...